A Few of my Favorite Things

Do we need to add things to our yoga practice? Nope. We can pause and breathe and move and become more aligned with our best internal, centered, brilliant self all on our own. If we can add useful and pretty things to really enjoy this process with extra delight, I always say YES!

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Practice: Finding & Returning to Center

We practice being patient, we practice being kind, we practice being humble, we practice being grateful. We embody our strength and our softness. We find our center. And it is from there that we live. Almost always or at least frequently. And when we forget….oh, how lovely, how life saving, to be able to recognize that we have simply lost our center and there is a an accessible way back. It works. Especially when you practice. It really really works.

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Calm is a Superpower

OMG… Inhale and exhale… Ahh, that’s better. Take a seat. Get grounded. Connect to source. Breathe and find your place in this balance. Now, stretch out on your yoga mat and practice. Try conscious breathing, either seated or with movement. I’ll be your guide.

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About Jodi Earls

Student & teacher of yoga; striving to make the basics of yoga easily accessible to all for balance and ease.


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