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Inspiration comes in many different forms.  For me these days, I am completely enjoying making my elixirs – yummy and beautiful drinks like none I have ever experienced.  Even the word is fun…elixirs are ‘magical & medicinal potions,’ which is a little bit how I would describe the practice of yoga!

Initially, I was drawn intuitively to these alternatives to coffee and tea, much like you may be now.  As I continue to explore them, the health benefits (and my desire to bring more and more interesting healing ingredients into our home) continue to expand.  Please allow me to share some of what I am discovering.

Many of these potions contain adaptogen herbs or ’adaptogens’, which are powerful phytotherapists; a word I created to describe the active quality of the herbs themselves offering phyto – plant – therapy to our body to help balance, restore and protect.  Our bodies respond to stress through the adrenal glands where stress hormones like cortisol are produced.

Adrenal fatigue is caused when these glands cannot adequately meet the demands of chronic stress.  Adaptogens provide phytotherapy by several means that are associated with what is called the hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenal axis, or HPA, which controls the adrenal system as well as the nervous system and some immune function as well as metabolism.  Adaptogens have been found to work on a the cellular level to prevent cortisol-induced mitochondrial dysfunction (which is essentially a cog in the wheel that keeps things flowing without breakdown).

That interests me due to my current journey of healing my immune system and it may interest you for other reasons; metabolism, blood pressure or otherwise.

These drinks are super enjoyable and fun to learn about and are helping me with my health issues.  They are also providing me with an overall feeling of satiation and calm along with bringing energy when needed, like late morning and afternoon.  I also find that along with my meditation practice I am much more naturally calm-hearted and clear-minded during demanding circumstances.  On a typical day, I will make one in the morning before work then one in the afternoon before the end of day activities.  It is for these reasons and more (plus people are asking about them) that I am sharing with you.  Please share your experiences as well and I can post them on this page.

On a deep level, these drinks and their interesting ingredients are helping to up-level the functionality of our body and reduce stress response even when under chronic challenging conditions; helping us stay balanced (and even in bliss) as we move through out days.  Much like yoga!

Here are some of the recipes, along with links to the products that make them.  I will continue to add to this page so that you can enjoy.  Sharing new recipes that you discover is highly encouraged as well.

Traveling with Elixirs

Traveling with Elixirs

My advice when traveling is to bring supplements and plan for elixirs as well as drink a lot of water. At minimum I do a morning hydrating drink and ideally plan for at least one more drink - a warm one to help with digestion.  I will lay out how to travel with this...

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Want More Elixirs?

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