Seeing clearly.  Does everything that we experience reflect our own truth?  Sitting in the light of the moon in meditation, it feels clear and powerful and is a wonderful reminder of our knowingness that we are part of something far greater than ourselves and our own lives.  Even with all the explanations that scientific evidence offers us, the sheer vastness of being under the night sky eventually takes us to a certain point where we stop thinking about the details and just sit in awe of something that is beyond great and expansive.  That we are miraculously a part of all this is a marvel to behold.  To me, it’s that letting go of understanding it all that helps us really experience what faith feels like and understand that our own truth is embedded in various levels of knowing, while simultaneously being open to the mystery of life and that in-between space where intuition comes in.  It’s that beautiful space between knowing and surrender where the yoga comes into our lives as well.  That perfectly balanced pose, that delightful state of breathing that requires equal doing and being, the beginning of the practice where our mind is anywhere but in the room and the end when the expansive brilliance in our mind has us grounded firmly in that moment .  Yes, for me, sitting in the moonlight is kind of like that.  The power is so deep that it feels almost tactile, and yet so known that it takes me to that familiar faith in all that is above and around me, even when it is so vast that my mind cannot even grasp it.  I don’t need to, nor could I, explain it; much less control it.  And I feel very comfortable with that.  Perhaps we can let this help us in being faithful within situations that are uncomfortable and yet divine in their base nature if we can get underneath the details and feel the lesson.  Can we soften ourselves enough to really trust that the events of our lives, the interactions, the relationships, the boundaries that are necessary, the creations, are reflections of deep truths below the surface.  To step back and experience these layer by layer without feeling that we have the ability or reason to give analysis or judgement or attempt control to these situations could bring us to being in flow, not sweating the small stuff, and moving gracefully and, I pray, gratefully through out lives.  Having a reaction to something?  What a marvelous thing to realize that it’s in our power to soften it, learn and elevate the level of the interaction all on our own and perhaps create a particular boundary for yourself out of sheer love.  And all the sweeter when it’s met with more grace from another.  We are truly blessed.  Not every situation is to be repeated.  However, with wisdom, we can learn from what has happened in all our circumstances.  Let’s hope that within this miracle above and miracle on earth that every day we can recognize the gift we have received and revel in it all.

To that end, here is a practice of witnessing a challenge in your life and within it; moving into softness of the breath, to appreciation, to gratitude.  YES.  If that’s too much at first, try doing a really balanced virabhadrasana pose and feel your power and grace without picking it apart or judging the parts that aren’t exactly as you want them to be right now; there is a lesson there, so go on in and expand your experience and then be more even fully integrated and illuminated the next time, from that growth.  Be the grace filled, humble warrior.  Namaste. x

Guided meditation experience to shift into the wisdom of appreciation and ultimately; gratitude.

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