I have a playlist that we used in our open group yoga class today.  It is from a playlist that I created a couple of weeks ago.  It came when I saw that my friend had a playlist that had that song on it….  Lenny Kravitz, love it.  Totally reminded me of great times as a young adult, especially with my dear friend in our little SF apartment.  Anyway I added it to my spotify list.

Then classes for the Fall began.  For whatever reason I didn’t quite play the list for my private group classes and I simply waited until today.  Almost played it, never felt the desire so waited.  Played today.

A friend was in the class as a new student for our open group class (yay!) and mid-way through discussion of alignment was in the air as I taught standing poses, triangle, half moon and the like and the delight of becoming beautifully aligned.  She casually mentioned to us all that is was interesting that I played Let Love Rule earlier because she saw on the news that today is the 20th anniversary of the song.  And right then another friend said ‘I have always loved that song’.  Alignment.

What?  Really.  Crazy.  And super cool.  Yes it’s minor, but fun nonetheless.  Only because I saw my friends playlist did I even consider adding this song, only because it brings back wonderful memories did I choose it for the September back to yoga playlist, only because I had a feeling did I wait until today even though I have taught some group classes since making the list, only because my other friend went to the private yoga group class last week that she even ended up choosing the open group class today, and even then she had to catch the newsflash that this is the anniversary and then decided to comment on it when we discussed ‘alignment’ 30 minutes after it played.  All those things happened so we could say, wow that’s pretty cool.

So we can see how easy it would have been to be in alignment with all of this and not even have the awareness that it is happening.

The understanding that we could possibly be in the full alignment without even that awareness to me is the idea of trusting the flow.  Trust in what is happening, there is a flow here.

Sometimes the universe will give you little peeks of ‘see it’s happening’ like today with Lenny’s song leading us through Sun Salutation.  More frequently, we need to trust.  And trust we do…it’s the best option really.  Show up, do your best and let go.  It’s happening and your are a part of it.  Enjoy the little moments of ‘wow’ and let those validate this trust to take you into the next moment, the next day, the next chapter.  Go with it.  And let love rule, for sure.  x

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