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In my early 20s I first tried yoga and in my late 20s it began to really speak to me.  That was at a time when I felt that there was a gap between how I felt and how my life looked.  My life was also primarily ‘doing’ and minimally ‘being’.  That is a balance that I am still finding everyday and thankfully every day my yoga practice brings me center and allows for much more awareness in everything that I do.  It all makes sense now and feels wonderfully natural.  So, that’s essentially how I came to teach to students!  That was almost 20 years ago and during this time I have studied and continue to study with many yoga masters who have helped me hone in on how to polish this deep inner practice and merge it with the physical practice, while filling in those spaces with lovely energy enhancing and healing practices as well.

Currently, my teachers are online just as I may be for you!  I have found this world to be blessedly personal, especially when the larger scale courses are partnered with live calls online and individual conversations with my teachers and groups where us teachers-who-are-students- first connect with and support each other.  I am offering this opportunity is some of my larger format classes.

Also, on the site you will find many free video class options and workshops to check out my teachings, or offer something perhaps that isn’t yet in your life but is calling to you.  If you choose to commit more deeply, please consider signing up for more when these in-depth sessions are available.  To commit to your practice is to go deeper and to go deeper is to work out so much that might be holding us back or making us sick or even angry or sad.  To find FREEDOM from the INSIDE is the biggest SUPER POWER of all and the sweet thing is that through yoga there is a beautiful humility to it all.  Tried splits lately?   That’s the special thing about this practice; it’s just that, an ongoing progressing bringing us to our most divine state each day with a lightness of being.  Some days lead to more enlightenment the next day and some days we need to get ourselves back into alignment and it’s all the same method.  Since truly committing to my own practice, I have never been more at peace within, in my perfectly imperfect LIFE.

So, now it’s a couple of decades later and I have had the privilege of being a full time teacher in a multitude of settings and a full time student in all that life has had to offer thus far.  I am here to report that this practice of asana (poses), attitude, meditation, study, breath work and all the other tools (essential oils, nutrition, crystals & stones, community et. al.) gets both richer and more simplistic the longer it’s all a part of the fabric of my days.  I LOVE to explore this daily so appreciate that I have the honor to get personal with my students and help them line up, light up and their own joy.  I am so privileged!

This site offers a lot of powerful teachings that have helped me and hundreds of my students over the years in the course of thousands of hours.  Presented by me quite humbly and with love and humor.  The content will stay fresh because my practice is evolving daily – truly.  I am involved in many classes ongoing in online communities with wonderful teachers and students, just like this one.  I continue to study and also share experience with fellow teachers and yogis and friends.  All this I get beyond excited to SHARE with YOU.

So, please allow me to offer you some yoga.  It is user friendly and is all-inclusive, using the many tools that I find bring us back to our STRONG CENTER, and to our PEACEFUL place inside.  And that’s where the JOY is.  Honest, truthful joy…and that remains, nothing can take it away.  I am here to confirm that!  Joy is our innate nature and whether we are happy or sad or anything else, we can stay tuned into this joyful place of LOVE.  Boundaries, sure, mindfulness, all day long and yet stay connected to flow and joy.

Please join me in my monthly membership offerings if you want to delve right in.  If you want to dip your toe in the water and try it out, I have a couple of short series that you can experience.  Try the Peace in 10 mini series, as well as the Fundamentals of Foundation.  And if you want a session right now, there are some samples on the home page to get your started.  However you begin to practice with me, please just begin to practice.  Let’s get brighter together  .

Love, Jodi

PS If you are curious about my teachers, my main ones have been John Friend (who certified me as Anusara teacher #173 worldwide after 5 deep years of study), Desiree Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman, Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Betsy Johnson & Ruthie and Jimmy Bernaert. Currently I study with Kelly Blasser, Elena Brower and Hari Kaur who are all accessible to me and my teacher classmates online.  It’s a new day and the world of YOGA has opened up even more and is more accessible on all layers than ever!

PPS If you are curious about my basic teaching experience background, as you can imagine it has been quite broad with the ever-evolving coming back to joyful center lessons that I teaching remain at the core of it all.   Kind of in reverse order these include; online studio owner, private yoga instructor, group yoga instructor, therapeutic and special needs yoga instructor, yoga & lifestyle coach at a wellness in-hospital treatment center, yoga instructor to employees of the hospital, large yoga studio owner, workshop-focused yoga instructor, manager of large yoga studio, small yoga studio owner, yoga instructor to health club and yoga studio students and mom :).

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