Yoga Connection with Jodi.

My entire life I have had my compass aimed at one primary thing; to find CONNECTION.  To find meaning, closeness, support and comfort within myself (including by body, mind and emotions), with God and my connection to the Universe, with others in relationship, with the meaning of my life and with the lives of others whom I touch.  Since I was a child, I have called this desire “connection”.

It is with the deepest humility and gratitude that I share with you that the practice of yoga has brought just that to my life.  For me it was such a profound experience and I was so in need that I shifted everything to live and learn and teach this practice to continue to expand in this realm and help others find their freedom as well.  In the practice of YOGA we are bringing ourselves to what we refer to as our CENTER, which is this space where, as individual beings, we ourselves CONNECT to the energy of the whole and we feel peace, balance and our belonging to something bigger than ourselves.  This is the safety that we long for on a survival level, so it settles our nervous system to be able to reconnect time and time again (just knowing that we have this ability is soothing).  This is the feeling we can experience after a great yoga class, where we reconnect with optimal alignment, move, rest, breathe and let go of anything not serving our thoughts and mind so that we can connect more fully to universal brilliance and joy.  That will get me to yoga class!

It is in this place that we remember that to be connected internally means two things 1. this comfort cannot be taken away from us so it becomes our constant base state and 2. what we recognize internally in our own experience we can also see in another.  It’s like ‘namaste’ – the brilliancy in me recognizes the brilliancy in you.  This is Connection to ourselves and others.  This is ‘centered’, the ability to be aligned with truth (and recognize untruths).  This skill, using all the yoga tools is what I am offering to teach and transmit to you on a week to week basis, working one on one together in my Yoga Connection with Jodi private program.  Please contact me to discuss if it’s the best choice for you and me to work together.  If I can be of service to you, I want to be and this program offers a lot of power.

When we forget, or go off course, we again experience the pain of separation (in our body, heart, mind, relationships, our lives) which can direct us to reconnect and feel the completeness that is to be one with God’s love, the Universe, the Light of the Divine.  It’s the best feeling, I believe, because as we step into being complete we recognize our reason for BEING.  When we are in this space, genuine love, true creativity and purpose flow from us with power and ease.  

This practice is beautiful and it does happen regularly in my life as a yogi.  

What also happens regularly in my life as a human is that I regularly also come out of alignment and find frustration, resurrect my old survival habit of control, get overwhelmed, afraid, stuck and want to check out.

Take a breath.  Is our yoga practice this fragile?  Thankfully, no, and it actually thrives in this environment.  We can actually become stronger and more grace-filled as yogis as a result of our trials if we embrace them in the most up-leveled state.  

This is the spot where we can exercise our empowerment.  We could move into further separateness – judge ourselves, judge others or believe the judgement of another towards us – or SEE ourselves and check in with getting back on track.  Yogis recognize that grace is revealed and then hidden and then revealed again if we seek it.  It’s the opportunity to RETURN to our balanced state where the beautiful EMPOWERMENT of the PRACTICE comes in, and this is what I can help you with.  Finding our way back to center, back to truth, is the real power of yoga.  This applies in our physical postures as much as our heart space and our mental clarity.

We can return  to our connected state by applying our yoga methods that we have practiced; pause and take a breath, roll out your mat or just move your body in beautiful alignment and powerful flow, recognize and turn towards the pain to skillfully move it through and out of your mind, heart and body, see yourself in another and offer quiet compassion, inhale an essential oil that can bring us back, repeat a mantra, and so on.

This is done as a ‘practice’ so that it becomes automatic.  Traditionally, we work with a teacher one on one.  Let’s consider me being that teacher for you. Investing in some months together to take the tools deeply into your entire life is committing to being connected to your brilliance.  I would love to offer you that.

A lesson from the relationships (with ourselves, our body, interpersonal, our lives) where connection is a breeze and you feel lit up every time you are in that energized place or around that particular person or doing that activity is to ask for “more of this please” and then be ready to receive.  Have your compass pointed in the right direction – THIS is joyful, fully embracing life connection, ‘yes please’!

A lesson from the more challenging situations and relationships (with ourselves, our body, interpersonal, our lives) is that we can learn to understand that radical acceptance sets us free.  Period. If it’s ours to change and it’s right action to do so, then get clear and do it to get back into alignment. If it isn’t ours to change, then accept it, send it love, see what you can connect to (or not) and continue with compassion.  Move ahead with grace. Notice there are no instructions to fix or change something beyond our control  Accept.  Look for the good, in the situation, in the lesson, in your growing ability to accept, in Love.  See if you can connect in some capacity and expand for good. Look for the good. Set boundaries and move ahead with Grace knowing that like a diamond you and others with you possess the potential to become brighter.  

Honestly EMBRACING WHAT IS is the KEY TO FREEDOM.  It gives us a lot more compassion and a ton more energy.  Yes, we still get tripped up, so we can return to center and be ourselves very soon after that happens.  

There is something in the returning back that is so comforting on such a deep level that is it by far one of the best and most necessary lessons I have ever had the honor of learning.

This is what I am inviting a handful of you to do with me, find your true connection day to day, working with me as your Yoga Connection.


Work with me to find more access to YOU.  

To stretch yourself and build that ability to help yourself come back to center every time and in that there is great security and strength.

Be in that “I just took a fabulous yoga class” state much more often!

Feel stronger and more fluid in your body and be more BRILLIANT.

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You really have a feeling that you ‘need yoga’ but you feel that there are too many barriers to begin (scheduling, comfort level, physical condition, mental state, emotionally bound up or scattered) and you need a guide
  • You have been taking yoga for long so long that you are in love with the practice and just need to get to class each week to maintain your balance and authentic vitality, but would like to be able to get there more easefully and automatically on your own.
  • You are interested in becoming a yoga teacher and are interested in what the daily practices are in real life situations that help us heal and bring us into clarity.  Including and more far reaching than the physical poses.

Move from encumbered to free in your life:

– exhaustion to vitality

– spinning your wheels to functionality

– being angry to being compassionate

– looking back to being in the moment

– being brittle to having flow

– closed to open

– scared to safe

– confused to wise

– nagging to guiding

– feeling the drain to being an inspiration

You get the idea!

Let me and the love that I offer as well as my experience of my own imperfection, that I am spinning back into yoga gold to become brighter, help you as well.  Let’s lighten up, physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically while being more grounded and secure in unchangeable ways than ever before. This is my daily polishing of the stone that I practice in my own perfectly imperfect life and that I teach in my classes and share with my private yoga students.  You now have the opportunity to work one on one with me deeply and as necessary to incorporate your real life circumstances in real time with tried and true methods to use the tight spaces to go within and expand as your more brilliant self!

Learn to feel your way back to center quickly when off course.

Surrender to what you can change and what you can lovingly accept.

Up-level yourself to step into your most brilliant state.  In the muck. In the light. In it all. Honestly and humbly.  And, blessedly, with some humor. Let the LIGHT IN.

Sometimes it’s taking a deep breath on the spot.  Or having a seat and doing a meditation. Rolling out your mat and moving.  Journalling. Applying an oil or wrapping your hand around a stone. Reaching out to me or a friend who sees you and supports you in truth.  Often it’s a combination of these actions. And you are able to move through the tight spot and release the hold it is beginning to take on your body, your heart and your thinking processes so that you are able move ahead into the circumstances with graceful strength and loving acceptance and be more free as you do this.  And we do this time and time again until it becomes second nature. Forgiveness over judgement. Freedom over imprisonment. Empowerment over being a victim. Love over all else.

What you get from me:

– ACCESS, a hotline to what to try to come back to center

– voxer (audio messaging), text, calling, email

– One on one sessions 2 per month in person (or on Zoom) for one hour

– scheduled phone calls 2 per month

– one personalized video made just for you per month

– homework; real life, apply these methods to your circumstances homework

– meditation guidance and commitment

– physical alignment guidance for healing, strength and flexibility

– asana (physical) practices to free, strengthen and heal your body

– setting your intention for your life

– working with attracting energy

– offering radical acceptance

– journaling prompts for growth

– essential oil sharing and guidance

– elixir recommendation

– stones/crystal work suggestion

– personal yoga/meditation/sacred space set up guidance

– CONNECTION to someone completely dedicated to YOUR CONNECTION…me!

If this resonates with you, SAY YES.  Every time I say yes to working with a teacher with whom I RESONATE I am DEEPLY GRATEFUL to have guidance helping me UP-LEVEL to a BRIGHTER STATE.  Every time. If you haven’t done this, trust me trust me it’s worth it.

I have a full schedule and have carved out some room for this beautiful experience of more of what I LOVE –  Yoga Connection.  

Book a call with me right now to step into your best SELF.


Audio of Connection – Yoga Connection with Jodi

Book a call with me right now to step into your best SELF.

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