Expand and thrive in your yoga practice.

It is an innate desire that we all have to flourish, to grow, to prosper.  In order to live in this space, we cultivate a life of expansion; growing beyond the familiar into greater states of experience and being.

To be in a perpetual state of becoming more aware, more wise and more heart-centered is to practice yoga.  We pause and go within for calm and peace and optimally align with our highest state of awareness which we recognize is intertwined with our outer world.  Part of this recognition of what is ‘known’ and ‘unknown’ to us that leads us into the space of expansion is holding comfort in what we already understand as well as trusting that there are perfect lessons for us in our lives to receive, if in fact we are open.

We can of course experience vast degrees of growth in areas that are already unfamiliar to us, and be curious and open to learning about these new experiences.  If we can also hold a beginner’s mind that is humble and open enough to receive new information and a willingness to look at things differently to learn even from seemingly familiar situations, that can significantly help with our growth within what is already true for us.  This can continually help us expand and really grow and therefore, thrive. This act of being more fluid in what we consider to be true can help keep us aligned with our center.  As soon as we grasp and close off to other possibilities (other view points, other ideas), the flow shuts down.  Listening, considering, and being more open just might be what helps us see something that truly brings us to our brilliant, creative flow in a way that is so new and yet so familiar that it is just what we need to come back to truth.  We can allow ourselves the openness that can bring in new ideas and possibly that perspective will bring us closer to connecting to others as well as our true center.

The inherent challenges and insights of our yoga practice can bring us right to these places where these opportunities present themselves.  New concepts and new perspectives.  Ever expanding wisdom and faith.  If we are open enough to explore, we can find ourselves expanding and thriving in ways that reflect our true nature so clearly that it feels like that’s where we have really wanted to live all along.  And maybe when we settled in and got quiet, we did actually experience living in that place, but now we understand it more fully.  Until…we explore a little more deeply and learn a little more and then an even more brilliant center is unearthed.  More love is felt, more creativity flows, more joy experienced.  And so it goes.  If you are open to growth, you can continue to expand and when we expand, we THRIVE.  Welcome to your yoga – allow your true nature to be revealed.

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