Rasa Adaptogen Koffee Rose Latte

2-3 cups fresh water
2 Tbsp Rasa Koffee
1-2 Tbsp Ghee
1 Tbsp Manuka Honey
1 Tbsp dried Rose petals
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Brew yourself a double batch of Rasa Coffee in a french press. Add 2-3 cups of the Rasa Koffee to your blender. Add Ghee, Himalayan Sea Salt, Manuka Honey, and all but a little bit of the Rose Petals. Blend on high speed for for 30-60 seconds. Pour into a cup and add the extra Rose Petals to the froth.

Things I have learned.
If the drink doesn’t froth like it should, perhaps the Rasa Koffee needs to be a little warmer.  This happens when I make a batch and walk away for a long time and return and it’s room temperature.  I just put the Koffee into the cup I am using and warm it in the microwave for a bit before putting it into the blender.

If you want to add a little bit of (consumable) rose water, or even spray your face and entire space with rose water spray,  it enhances the healing properties of the rose.


Rasa Koffee is an amazing blend of 7 adaptogen herbs, 2 mushrooms and probiotics.  It is so good for us and feels great in the body! Expect something different than coffee and remember how great it is for you and you just might love this product as much as I do. Honestly, I actually forget about coffee – no joke.  It has a roasted, earthy, cinnamon flavor.

Recipe from Rasa Koffee

Rasa Koffee Intro
Rasa Koffee Demo
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