We love our pets.  We currently have three pets.  Two rescue grey cats and one fancy Standard Poodle.  All have separate needs.  One of our cats is fine, thank you very much and we could probably put our 13 year old British Blue cat Sherman out in the field on his own and he would be totally great.  For now at least, because he is showing some signs of early dementia…or as we say, extremely creative behavior.  Our other two pets are a two year old British Blue, Mona Lisa and a 6 year old Standard Poodle, Leopold.  We use the doTERRA Lavender and Balance with Leo and they work very well to calm him when he feels uneasy.  We also use DigestZen on him when his IBS acts up (this is apparently a large breed poodle thing).  Now, Mona is another story.  She has severe trauma from being abandoned, nearly starved to death and possibly attacked as a very small kitten.  She chose her family well because we love her unconditionally and do all that we can to help her feel at ease, connected to us and happy. 
It’s a journey.  Surely some of you can understand.
Sometimes they need help.  So I initially held off on using oils with the cats because i kept hearing that they (especially citrus oils) are dangerous for felines.  Then I heard our doTERRA vet, Dr. Janet Roark, speak and now I feel totally confident.  She explained that yes, certain oils are toxic to pets…because they are not pure oils, but rather began as such and then were cut with chemicals, binders etc.  These are harmful to humans as well but show up very clearly on smaller animals like cats.  doTERRA oils as SO PURE that we can say without a doubt that they are 100% what they claim to be.  No other company can do that.  So, yes, they are SAFE.  And EFFECTIVE.  
Here is what I have been doing with our doTERRA oils.  Here is a video I took of Mona Lisa.  Pardon the lack of explanation up front and the excess of pet baby talk…I was really just going to take a video to show myself later how well the Balance oil works on her.  Then, as happens sometimes in teaching, I realized that this could be helpful to other cat owners.  So, kooky talk and no makeup aside, here is the video in all it’s glory.  Along the way I began to explain what I was doing because it was seeming like that might be the case (to share the video).   So, you can see that she gets into these moods where she full-on attacks, hisses, scratches and even bites (which is actually dangerous and carries the bug that is ‘cat scratch fever’).  The video begins like this and within 5 minutes of her just inhaling the Balance she calms down significantly.  After I break the cycle and get some onto her body she calms enough for me to pick her up.  She isn’t delighted, but she is engaged and allowing me to do this which is a huge improvement.  It is because of these tools that we are able to say, take her to bed to cuddle with us and just in general get her out from under the furniture.  This helps her lead a normal life where she connects with our family and is working through healing her core wounds.  As an animal lover and a good mama; kids, kitties and dogs etc. that means the world to me.  Perhaps this can help you as well. 
Love you, sweet Earls creatures 🐾🐾🐾
​Calming Pets with doTERRA pure Essential Oils
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