My advice when traveling is to bring supplements and plan for elixirs as well as drink a lot of water. At minimum I do a morning hydrating drink and ideally plan for at least one more drink – a warm one to help with digestion.  I will lay out how to travel with this drink as well as the warming turmeric latte in this post to give the feel for how to pack.
Morning Hydrating drink.  For this drink, pack your vitamineral greens and (optional) chlorophyl tablets.  Also essential oils (warm weather; coriander and lime are great and in cooler weather turmeric, lemon, lime and ginger are all good choices).  Then when you arrive be sure that you have fresh water and either fresh lemons or organic bottled lemon juice and ideally a blender to whip it up in (at your friends house or take a magic bullet).
Warming Turmeric latteTravel items: bullet blender, all powders for this drink (spices, astragalus, mushroom blend, tocos, coconut sugar), travel mug with lid.  Things purchased upon arrival: coconut oil, raw almond butter. Things ordered from room service (or from your friend’s tea kettle): pot of hot water.
Supplements.  doTERRA vitamins in little baggies or the pre-made travel packs in addition to anything else that you take.
Make these drinks, meditate when you wake up, pack and use your essential oils (I would never travel without them) and you can feel your usual sense of balance even when away from home.
Bon Voyage!
Traveling with Elixirs
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