Wellness Support. 

Props, Elixirs, Oil Gear, Stones, Stars…


This is a sturdy and heavy mat – my favorite.
This is a slightly lighter mat in fun colors – while it is lighter it still is heavy enough to stay put and give true support.  It costs and weighs a little less.
I like this bigger strap because it holds things and is easy to take on and off.
Light and portable and easy to use.  I recommend buying two blocks.
A more sturdy, heavy, dense block.  Cork texture with firm support.
A more narrow block if that is your preference. Light and less sturdy for supporting poses when used under hands or feet; some prefer a narrow block when using for sitting or between the legs.
Straps are used to extend our reach for poses when holding the feet with our hands or bringing the hands together behind the back.  Also used for support in restorative poses.
These have been my go-to for 20 years – and now they come in fun colors!  I like to have two on hand when practicing or teaching with them.
Helpful for support in restorative poses, lift in seated poses and for covering up in meditation. Two recommended.
Soft roller to gently roll out the fascia, or lay over the roller to extend the spine and lengthen out the muscles.


The main book for doTERRA users and all Essential Oil users alike. Scientific explanations, use guides for specific oils as well as symptoms that you need help with. Great book.

Fabulous book that goes into great detail about the emotional and energetic shifts that doTERRA essential oils (and all essential oils) make in our bodies and our spaces.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book.  

Thorough Descriptions and Protocols for Single Oils and Blends.  Works with conditions in the body and qualities of the oils.  Full of information with lots of photos and descriptors.  

Great for filling up flu bombs! Also works for any veggie capsule filled concoctions you want take (DigestZen, Oregano, Thyme & Ginger et. al.).

Perfect for filling with Immunity/Flu Bomb ingredients!  Have one of these filled with Oregano, Tea Tree, Frankincence, OnGuard and Lemon and you will be set to fill your capsules.  Be sure to have the doTERRA Veggie Caps and I also recommend a tray to hold the capsules while you fill them (listed on this page).

These are good roller bottles for making mixes as well as creating a diluted oil. They are amber and have stainless steel rollerballs, like the doTERRA bottles.
Great little spray bottles for the car, travel, bag etc. for distributing sprays made from your favorite scents.
These large bottles are perfect for the OnGuard cleaning concentrate and for creating your own sprays with water and lavender, lemon, purify blend, peppermint et. al.

Ingredients for Yogic Digestive Health

Helpful for popping lids off of bottles. If you are doing blends or filling empty bottles with new oils to expand the number of bottles you have in different locations, or filling little dram bottles, these can help.
Vitamix Blender Professional

This the blender that I have.  I am glad for the investment because I use it throughout most days and it will last forever.

Coconut Oil

I love and trust the Nutiva brand.

4th & Heart Ghee

Plain, Vanilla & Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt



planners, journals, pens, candles, clothes and other lovely items to guide us along, support us and evoke joy!

Love so deeply – Tridoshic candle
Energy moves – Kapha Dosha candle
Yoga Toes are for separating toes, aligning the entire foot and foundation. We do this move in our yoga poses and this is a way to work on and enhance foot mobility it while at rest.
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