The art of unplugging.  Why and how to unplug using the cord cutting technique.

The longing to “unplug” is a signal from our consciousness that we might be leaking out our valuable life-force and that it is time to regroup.  To come to our center and let go of the things that are overworking our energies so we can feel more energized.

Method: Cord Cutting technique

In energy medicine there is a practice called Cord Cutting.  We identify where our attention is going and assign a ‘cord’ to each thread of attention so that we can remove these connections and cycle our energy more within our own space and feel much more energized.  This then helps us to get back to our center and recharge, then be discerning with where we send our energy.  It not only gives us much more expansive energy to work with, it allows us to more effectively use the energy that we do send out in the future, allowing us more fully serve ourselves as well as others.

How to:

Have a seat or lay down.

Consider saying a prayer to tune in with your healing.  “Thank you, guidance of the highest truth and compassion.  Please bring in my guides to help me release these negative, outdated attachments and agreements now and help come back to full alignment with my highest state in love and light.”

Begin to breathe fully and softly.  Inhale and expand your entire body.  Exhale and allow your body to feel a sense of release and softening.  Continue with this cycle of breath throughout the meditation.

As you continue to breathe, allow yourself to identify all the areas where you attention has been running leading up to this moment.

Envision a heavy, dark cord connecting from your body to each person and set of circumstances that hold your attention.  We call this engagement ‘being corded’.  It is the heavy sensation of opening a channel of your attention and inadvertently allowing the running of your energy to continue to feed that person or those circumstances.  This ultimately serves no one and needs to be cut and cleared to keep you and them remain in present time, remaining completely available to being empowered to align in truth in that moment.  You can still be available for support and if you stay clear, that support will be more readily available to help the circumstances or the person while continuing to allow you to feel light and energized and able to serve.  And, you will feel more energized from your connections, rather than drained.

See all the cords now that are energetically tethering you and to where they connect.  Feel the weight of that output of energy   Now, visualize taking a large cutting instrument, like a golden sword, and picture slicing off all the cords fairly close to where they were attaching to your body.  In your minds’ eye, witness the cords falling to the earth and dissolving into white light.  Then say this prayer, “I ask that these negative attachments be recycled by Mother Earth and may there be freedom between me and these people and these circumstances (and feel free to name the specifics). I send these people and these circumstances my love, my light and my wisdom and receive only the same in return and ask that the energy be healed.”

Continue to breathe deeply and feel this healing taking place.

Now return your attention back to your own body and the space surrounding you and create an image of a golden bubble all around you.  As you inhale, bring in brilliant golden light that fills your body and the space around you inside of the bubble.  Feel that light healing and sealing the places where the cords once were so now there is a complete boundary of healing light all around your body.  As you exhale, allow this brilliant light to become grounded and feel very real in your space in this moment in time.  Continue to breathe deeply as you bathe in this light.

Continue to feel your energy expanding and lifting with each inhalation and allow an enhanced feeling of being grounded to take place with each exhalation.  Continue until you feel like you have truly rejuvenated your energy.  Take some time here to remember this state of fullness, so that it truly becomes your new state.

As you begin to feel more free and more filled with light, begin to open your eyes and be here now in this state of fullness and freedom.

Cord Cutting Meditation (7 min)

My recommendation is to do this technique, even if you can ‘take a break’.  While taking a break is a lovely way to find temporary relief, there will be a time when we need to return to our routine and potentially mentally and physically engage back into the situations that are draining us to begin with.  So, rather than live in avoidance of these situations or lose our center when we encounter them, let’s create freedom from the energetic, mental and emotional drain so that we can be more free.  What this exercise helps us do is to stop the excess output of energy that ultimately zaps our energy and it will also help us create boundaries so that we can co-exist and still keep our center.  Then we can offer support without giving up our own clear energy.

Moving ahead, you can recognize when you begin to let yourself drain out in multiple areas.  More energy means you are more fully aligned with source energy and that you are more able to effectively serve in your life, so everyone involved is positively affected by this process.   As you begin to bring your awareness back into the space you are in, offer an expression of gratitude for this clearing.  Namaste.

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