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Hi, I’m Jodi Earls.

I have been teaching yoga and on my yoga path deep dive for over 20 years, after having a Bodhicitta movement (a moment of Awakened Heart…you could have these as we work together too!) when I realized that I was finally feeling like ‘myself’ after leaving an Anusara Yoga class in 1999.  It felt like all the whirling of my interpretation of the world and my place in it calmed for a moment and I had clear connection with myself and also a feeling of being totally held by Divine Love.  In a moment, everything paused, opened and was equanimous.  I felt at Peace and that felt not only good, but as it was meant to be.  Pretty amazing for a Tuesday night after leaving my Advertising Director role for the evening to ‘do some yoga’.  That began the unraveling of what I thought was security into making aligned decisions into either lessons for more unraveling or steps onto the enlightened path.

Becoming a student of yoga as well as a full time teacher is definitely one of the steps that went directly inline with purpose.  Many of my others steps have helped me remain a student and dedicated yogi as I ‘polish the mirror’ of clarity :).  Life is a classroom and I am honored to have studied with many great teachers, including John Friend, who after 5 years of deep dive studying award me the #173 world-wide as a certified Anusara Yoga teacher.  Also, many teachers in the Anusara tradition have guided me; Desiree Raumbaugh, Jimmy and Ruthie Bearndt, Sianna Sherman, Amy Ipolliti, Betsy Downing and the local Kula of teachers here in Napa with whom I trained with.  Additionally, I am currently a student of and a mentor in Kelly Blaser’s Dharma Bridge program, a student of Elena Brower’s Mentorship program, a student in Tracee Stanley’s Yoga Nidra Training, Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass and Danielle LaPorte’s Heart Centered Program.

May we continue to be in this evolution revolution of Grace being concealed (as we feel encumbered) and Grace being revealed (as we feel free) and may our practice serve the whole and bring peace to the suffering of all sentient beings everywhere.  Much love, Jodi

When we align with Truth, we are aligning with God, Love, Light, the Divine. There is a beautiful, exciting, alluring guidance that helps us step more expansively into our Purpose, our Dharma.  And when we do this, the Universe opens up for us.

Namaste, the Light, Love and Pure Potential in Me sees that in You.

Let’s do this together.

Jodi, You are such a light in the world. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Katie Roberts


Yoga Connection Jodi Earls

Take a deep dive into the second (or third) act of your life and be even brighter and in full alignment with your highest state. Feel healthy in your body and be receiving guidance from your highest self (aka Divide Guidance/God/ the Universe) while being resourced and feeling energized.


doTERRA essential oils

doTERRA essential oils are another passion I have with this practice. Oh, how I love my oils. And specifically these oils, as they are so very pure. Bringing this high-quality plant medicine into your home supports your wellness, and also supports growers and producers around the world in a sustainable way.


Jodi Earls Yoga Videos

Yoga videos are a wonderful way to self-direct yourself in your yoga practice with my loving and (for many students) familiar guidance. Choose from my selection of free videos or join for a small monthly fee and have access to hundreds of options.


Live group and individual yoga classes are currently online, and are a great way to connect with yourself personally with other yogis getting their OM at HOME. Soon enough, we’ll go in-person again and yet, I will always have this online option as it’s so convenient for some and gets rave reviews.

Jodi Earls Thank You

I had been suffering for over 10 years of chronic back pain and tried everything short of surgery, which I was told to be my only option for real relief. Immediately after starting Jodi’s classes, my mid-spine pain levels have subsided considerably. I have been taking classes with Jodi for over a decade now. I have learned how to breathe and stretch properly while strengthening areas around my injury without causing more pain to myself. I have felt the additional benefits of stress reduction using Jodi’s teachings of yoga and meditation. Jodi’s yoga classes are uplifting, spiritual and soulful, often infused with humor that’s refreshing and REAL, It’s been a true gift of health and happiness for my life and I would strongly recommend it to anyone seeking pain relief, stress relief or just a quality yoga class with a powerful human connection. 

Mimi Martin

I have been practicing yoga with Jodi for over 18 years and continue to love her classes. She brings a great balance of fun and skill to her teaching, all while really focusing on the individual needs of her students. Whether an experienced yogi or someone just beginning, I highly recommend Jodi as a teacher. After her class, you will feel refreshed and renewed, both physically and mentally.

Heather Dahline

Jodi is an outstanding yoga instructor with an amazing knowledge, great technique and experience in Yoga and Meditation.  She is not only very respectful and mindful of my body’s  limitations due to scoliosis but also very eager that I get the most out the training, every time.  She has taken the time to get to know me and my body, she is thorough and detail oriented from beginning to end, pushes me to work hard but at the same time to enjoy and get to know better this wonderful practice called Yoga.  After every session I come out full of energy, positivism and a great sense of accomplishment.  I always look forward to my sessions with Jodi.  She is a great teacher and I highly recommend her.

Michelle Wagner

Being coached by Jodi has shifted my life in unbelievably positive ways.  She is truly a gifted yogi and has taught me the joy of mediation, breath and the blissful practice of yoga.  Thank you for teaching me how to practice on my own.  Life Changing.  You are a very special friend and mentor to me.

Ashley Withers

Even while there are so many online yoga options these days, I look forward to my online live and recorded classes with Jodi s a touchstone…her beautiful heart, fun sense of humor, solid instruction and lovely community inspire me towards grace.

Melanni Leary

Jodi creates a beautiful environment for connection, community and a sacred space.  Her practice is enjoyable, invigorating and, of course, fun.  Thanks for bringing together our sangha and providing instruction, light and love to the community and our practice.

Joy Mesick

Jodi is a LIGHT guiding us as we flow these intense times together.  We are not alone, we are a strong community bound together by love, friendship, and our practice.  During these uncertain times taking time for yourself is necessary to recharge, balance and align.  My hope is that we set intentions for this time we have away from additional distractions.  That we find the good and take advantage of time with our families to reflect and love one another.

Tara Crosby

Thank you for offering zoom yoga so we can continue our yoga.  It is very grounding to connect with each other this way.  It is important now more than ever to carve out time for self care.  I appreciate you!

Kim Mazzucco

I am delighted that Jodi offers yoga classes for beginners and people who just want a refresher of the basics.  An added bonus for me is that the classes are online and recorded and offered as a course on her online studio, which enables me to participate from my home in Santa Cruz.  These classes are designed to allow anyone, regardless of ability, to engage in the movements fully, safely and comfortably (so important to me as a complete beginner in her 70’s!).  What a great opportunity to receive (or review) a solid foundation from an amazingly gifted, joyful, non-judgemental and knowledgeable teacher.

Jeannie Beck

Hearing your voice on our yoga videos brings me right to center, it’s great.

Kristen Knight

Enlivening, skillful and genuine, both on and off the mat.

Andrea Pecota White

Joining Jodi’s yoga class through zoom has opened up an amazing opportunity for me.  I have been very hesitant in the past due to physical complications and the worry of scrutiny.  Being able to do yoga privately in my home has given me the confidence I needed to start on this journey.  Thank you, Jodi!  I will look forward to an in person class someday!

Stacy Husling

I’ve practiced with Jodi for 10 years! Sometimes, I get lost and she always brings me back to my practice! She has healed my body, mind and soul many times over the years! She is a grounding force in my life through yoga and meditation!

Josephine Bedford

Jodi’s basic and beginning sessions are perfect. It helps me re-learn the basic yoga moves correctly. However more than that the forty minutes clears my mind and calms my body. Thank you Jodi!!

Tish Wagner

I feel like no matter where I am in life, where I am in my body, or my mat, I will always be a beginner. In the best of ways! I have 200 hours of Teacher Training and 3 years of teaching yoga. Coming back to HOME and respecting the gentle kindness that my body needs is why I choose this Beginner Series. To Hear, Do and Feel the proper alignment is so powerful and in my opinion, being taught this from a Jodi is an essential gift.

Betsy Titus

Yoga with Jodi will enhance your body, mind and spirit!

Rosie Harris


Align with your Highest State

Physical, energetic, mental & emotional wellness

Move forward with the intuitive power of Grace

Be in your Heart 

The part about Yoga that feels magical is finding out alignment with the power of Grace. This is the Bliss that we are finding in between the effort and surrender in our day-to-day. These tried-and-true techniques to create freedom and connection within us to Divine Source energy and our Purpose have been around for 5,000+ years, so they have been vetted. We have the  opportunity to bring them into our lives and discover a new ease from which to truly empower ourselves and those whom we teach with healing, wellness, strength, flexibility and peace.

It feels amazing because it is the alignment we are here to discover. When we are in this flow, life expands more fully and we can move from the space deep within our heart that connect us all.

In Yoga Connection, we move through these functional practices with Love to create a sanctuary for you to heal in and expand full from. Brilliant.

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