Yoga Connection

Yoga Connection offers POWERFUL tools of the YOGA PRACTICE to YOU for personal expansion and freedom.

Yoga Connection Coaching

I have completed Yoga Connection and Yoga Connection Alumni program with Jodi Earls.  Yoga Connection is a comprehensive learning experience for mind, heart and body of yogic theories for personal growth and personal identity.  Yoga Connection expanded my physical yoga practice methods to allow the connection of mind and body and heart for clarity, truth and wisdom.

“My first session with Jodi flowed so easily and delved so deeply. I got more out of it than many of my talk-therapy sessions. I’ve been a yogini for over 20 years and this next step into the spiritual practice is fully living my yoga. The enrichment of Yoga Connections is serving not only myself but everyone in my life.”

“Thank you, Jodi, for teaching me how to practice on my own. Life changing. You are a very special friend and mentor to me and I am so grateful for your Yoga Connection program.”


Private Yoga Coaching
Private Yoga Coaching

Yoga Connection is the art and act of being in our most optimal state.  The part of ourselves that is free and connected to infinite Source energy.  When we are deeply connected, we can move through all of life’s details in a state of calm with the power of Grace.  Yoga is a practice that helps us access this center again and again and in creating this steady connection we are able to access this freedom in the form of joy over and over again.  

The Yoga Connection program is my version of the refinement of the philosophical practices of Yoga that lead us to this expanded state of being.  I teach this in my usual style of user-friendly, easy to assimilate lessons that are filled with heart.  I will help you learn to hold space for all in your life and open to what you have been given to continue to expand into your highest state of being YOU.

“Being coached by Jodi has shifted my life in unbelievably positive ways. She is truly a gifted yogi and has taught me the joy of meditation, breath and the blissful practice of yoga. I’m incredible thankful to have her teaching on zoom during this unprecedented time.”

“Jodi is your connection to loving kindness, clarity, truth and wisdom.  She is able to guide you through both a practical learning experience and an empowering process to know yourself and others in a more meaningful way.  Yoga Connection is a gift that I gave myself and the benefits seem to have no end or limit.  I am grateful for this experience.”


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