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I feel relatively clear on most days thanks almost entirely to my ongoing practice of yoga. And my life is pretty intense most days (major life changes, mom of teenagers, aging parents, creating support for our family and possibly the other details you and I might share in our general ‘adulting’).  Amidst all this, I am so GRATEFUL for this clarity and often blown away at how helpful it is to be resourced by a practice that helps me stay connected with Source, feel supported and be able to TRUST that EVERYTHING is for our HIGHEST good if we approach it with faith and allow it to transmute into WISDOM.  And to have this faith, we need a practice that facilitates connection to support, an emotional system spacious enough to consider being open, a mind free of chatter and a body that feels fluid and strong and able to be a container for all that arises,

Being resourced by the deep philosophical tools of yoga, alignment, flexibility and movement and trusting in GRACE, I have learned to turn towards all that is arising in my life, from excited ideas for expansion to deep pains showing up to be healed for the wisdom to arise.  In this spaciousness, I know how to stay rooted in who I am while being deeply connected to Source power far greater than I and stay tuned into balanced intuition and guidance.  And I move ahead with the timeless practices laid out in this ancient practice.  Life is a ride, so it’s always in process and even in the depths of challenges there is joy right there in that moment and I feel a trust that this is ‘the plan’ with my open hearted faith.  I feel that with the YOGA PRACTICE I have the innate probability of FEELING more DEEPLY and being tuned into moment of SPONTANEOUS JOY.  It’s truly amazing, even in the simplest things.  Are there surprises and do I get derailed?  Totally!  Daily my life has a lot of stress right now…and I’m here to say that this practice works!  And I am delighted to have good family, friends and community to bounce things off of, cry and laugh with and hold space for the challenges of being human.  And through it all, I feel held, taken care of and repeatedly rebuild my faith in being loved and guided and each and every time powerful Grace is revealed even more brilliantly than before.  The strength that comes from this humble approach is deeply rooted as is the luminous clarity.

Thank you, deep practical tools and exercises of the yoga practice. 

My view is forever brightened and lit up.  And this feel so exciting.

And when I follow that excitement, that continues to lead me deeper into Joyful Purpose!  Like this program :).

In my program, Yoga Connection, I passionately support students in creating

freedom & more clear purpose and joy in their lives.

Are you ready to go deeper and learn the deeper tools of yoga to help you step forward in even more blissful alignment with your purpose?  If you might be, and you would like to consider leaning more into elevated wisdom in your yoga practice, let’s have a conversation to see if this program is right for you at this time in your life and what clarity it might bring.

Yoga Connection is for you if:

  • You are ready for the next ‘act’ in your life and it is going to look, feel and sound like YOU and it’s going to be great.
  • You are lugging around anything heavy that you can unburden with forgiveness, compassion and trust.
  • Your body wants to feel stronger and more supple and it might be currently, by revving up your home practice or slowing down your existing routine or finding the perfect therapeutic system for your current and specific state.
  • Meditation and clarity sound heavenly to you.  You just need to begin and get your rhythm.
  • You want to experience living more in your heart.
  • You feel amazing after yoga class and would like to more fully understand more of what’s ‘behind the curtain’ so you can bring it specifically and skillfully into more of your life.
  • It’s time to really really know yourself and set up an Inner Truth Mantra that brings you back to your most authentic brilliant highest level of Self.
Private Yoga Coaching
Private Yoga Coaching

How does it work?

We work together for three months, meeting each week, one week on the phone and the next in person (zoom or in the same room) for the entirety of the session.  We also communicate in between as desired.  

As we come together we work through a program that is completely unique to you and pulls from a vast list of yogic methods, many of which you have touched on perhaps in class with me and now you will be able to work with the methodology with specific circumstances in your life to unwind that that might be binding you to find more freedom on all levels than ever before.  This creates an open path for creativity and calm in knowing that we are exactly where we need to be and to have the clarity to feel into what is next so we can take steps to most fully land us into our purpose. 

It’s big and while we turn towards some challenging details, it feels great if you are willing to feel and see from the space of the HEART to step into FREEDOM and TRUTH and LOVE.

Jodi Earls Handstand

Yoga is the balance between Effort and Surrender.
In the Center we experience Grace.

As my teacher, John Friend, used to say to us…
Satchidananda Sat=Truth Chid=Consciousness Ananda=Bliss covers it
We are in a play/lila with Grace being concealed and revealed over and over.  When we balance our engagement, Grace comes through.  This is where we find true power and real freedom in our Heart.

Legs to the Sky

“I really need to do yoga.” 

Have you ever heard yourself saying that?  I have heard it from a lot of people over the many years since I followed that same inner directive from myself many many years ago.

What is that calling?  A desire for peace, balance, flexibility, calm, strength, ability to digest our lives, finding more energy to serve others, openness in our heart, fluidity of movement, serenity or even a more elusive call for something that we can’t quite find the word for.  But it’s there.  “I really need to do yoga” could be the inner calling for more Purpose and therefore; Bliss.

Bliss is a tall order.  And it’s at the heart of this practice.  On some level I think we feel this and its appeal is understood because it is our highest natural state of being.  And so many of us feel disconnected from our inner state of clarity and joy; of bliss.  Or, we have it when all of the outer circumstances are just right, which is a false sense of joy because with one misfortune that outwardly created sense of peace could be compromised which by necessity gets us stuck in our ego ways of control and judgment.

In our yoga practice we connect, or reconnect, with our deep alignment with the natural state of life, with the Universe, with God, with the Divine, with this power that is Source that gives us life and sustains us throughout our entire experience.  In the yoga view, we come from this Universal energy and then individualize when we are born.  It is here that the ego, or separate self, is created.  We are separate beings at that moment and the play (or lila) in life is to remember that we are also deeply integrated in the web of all life.  This is yoga, because when we feel into our truest nature, the deep response we feel is bliss.  And this is the call of “I really need to do yoga”.  This yogic path will take you to this space of opportunity for expansion clearly and fully and with a deeply expanded heart.

Yoga Connection Mentorship Program

Are you ready to go deeper?
To really put the tools of yoga to work for you in your life?
If you are, click below to get started.

For those looking to expand their yoga exploration, Jodi’s Yoga Connection Mentorship program offers insight into the rich cultural history and spiritual guidance of the yoga tradition. Inspirational & educational, well worth the personal investment.

Kara Dunn

Thank you, Jodi, for teaching me how to practice on my own. Life changing. You are a very special friend and mentor to me and I am so grateful for your Yoga Connection program.

Ashley Withers

Being mentored by Jodi has shifted my life in unbelievably positive ways. She is truly a gifted yogi and has taught me the joy of meditation, breath and the blissful practice of yoga.

Imogen Rorke

I have completed the Yoga Connection and Yoga Connection Alumni Mentorship program with Jodi Earls and continue to practice with her still. Yoga Connection is a comprehensive learning experience for mind, heart and the body of yogic theories for personal growth and identity. YC expanded my physical yoga practice methods to allow the connection of and embodying clarity, truth and wisdom.

Rosie Harris

My first session with Jodi in Yoga Connection flowed so easily and delved so deeply. I got more out of it than many of my talk-therapy sessions. I’ve been a yogi for over 20 years and this next step into the spiritual practice is fully living my yoga. The enrichment of Yoga Connection Mentoring program is serving not only myself but everyone in my life.

YC Student

Jodi is your Connection to loving kindness, clarity, truth and wisdom. She is able to guide you through both a practical learning experience and an empowering process to know yourself and others in a more meaningful way. Yoga Connection is a gift that I gave myself and the benefits seem to have no end or limit. I am grateful for this experience.

YC Student

Jodi is your Connection to loving kindness, clarity, truth and wisdom. She is able to guide you through both a practical learning experience and an empowering process to know yourself and others in a more meaningful way. Yoga Connection is a gift that I gave myself and the benefits seem to have no end or limit. I am grateful for this experience.

YC Student

“Being coached by Jodi has shifted my life in unbelievably positive ways. She is truly a gifted yogi and has taught me the joy of meditation, breath and the blissful practice of yoga. I’m incredible thankful to have her teaching on zoom during this unprecedented time.”

YC Student

Yoga Connection is my life’s work and I now know the reason began with teaching in the first place.  From my first days as a kid saying “I just want to connect” to present time, allowing the tools of YOGA to help be embody this connection I have sought.  I have landed into this through my heart; clearly, supportively, truthful and in such an empowered sense that I don’t feel overly responsible for “my” entire universe anymore (ha!).

I can surrender into what is, fully embrace all of these gifts and step forward into my purpose which best serves this whole.  And for me, this is it!  YOGA CONNECTION.  I get the most lit up and clairvoyant when working with students in this program as from their own heart awakenings via our practices, lean into life’s details and unravel responses to things that have gotten them stuck to simply step forward with powerful GRACE.

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