Hydrating Morning Drink for Warm Weather

2+ cups fresh filtered water
Juice of 1/2-1 Lime (can augment with doTERRA Lime Oil or substitute oil for juice) {doTERRA link}
Coconut Oil 1/2-1 Tbsp. {link}
Fresh Mint leaves and/or doTERRA Peppermint Oil (1-2 drops) {doTERRA link}
(I often also add a little Coriander oil or spice)

Water Hydrates.
Lime juice and Lime Essential Oil helps with hydration absorption in the body, is antibacterial, fights infections, aids in digestion and is good for healthy skin.

Coconut oil for healthy fats, MCTs which help with giving our body and mind a quick boost of energy, burn fat and reduce cholesterol.

Peppermint is very cooling and refreshing and antibacterial and anti inflammatory, it relieves allergy symptoms and gives us an overall boost.

Coriander is the oil of self-care and is anti rheumatoid and breaks down cholesterol and fat in the body.

Things I have learned:
While cold water is super refreshing, room temp is more easily digestible.
If you want to wake up immediately or ease a headache or sore muscles, take a big sniff of peppermint oil (if using) and then apply (avoiding the eyes) oil to the back of your neck and shoulders, temples and anywhere on the body that is sore.  Immediately cooling and refreshing and great pick-me-up!
Blending this drink is essential for the tastes to all come together.
Substituting other healthy oils, like pumpkin (I like this one and it’s anti inflammatory and great for heart and skin health) for or avocado works as well.
I love getting citrus and peppermint into my body in the morning as it feels super fresh from the inside out.

Recipe adapted from Tayla Lutzker’s RAD Radiant Ayurvedic Diet Cleanse 

Morning Hydrating Drink Intro
Morning Hydrating Drink Demo
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