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My videos on Patreon are user friendly and USEFUL in your home practice.  Complimentary videos and a full $10/monthly membership available.  Members can request classes!


Yoga with me When you Want How you Want to Practice

“I love Patreon and don’t know why it took me this long to subscribe,  Thank you!”

“I love having the ease of yoga when I can do the sessions, plus the convenience of the pause button!”

“Finally!!  I’m not sure why it took me this long??!!  It was easy to sign up and i got my midnight zen!  Thank you.”

Private Yoga Coaching
Private Yoga Coaching
Private Yoga Coaching
Private Yoga Coaching
Private Yoga Coaching

My Yoga Videos on Patreon are a wonderful way to augment your Yoga Connection Program, add to your live class programming and also a wonderful too for a Home Practice.  Enjoy these videos made for you in the comfort of your home, hotel or wherever you may find yourself along your path.  Namaste.

“Honestly, your teaching on Patreon is the only instruction that works for me on video”

“I have been really happy using the Patreon videos because of my schedule changes and variable work schedule.  It makes it so easy, and I really appreciate having you as my teacher/yogi/guru and it does me a world of good for my head and body!  Thank you so much for these videos!”

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