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Root to Rise Pigeon

Root to Rise in Pigeon Pose

2 min

How we rise up into the backbend of Eka Pada Rajakapotasana effectively and safely.  We open our heart and hips, integrate our power in the body, then root the tailbone in, down and up to RISE.

Balance in Tree Pose

Finding Balance in Tree Pose

5 min

Finding balance in Tree Pose.  My suggestion is to feel into this balanced action and then take it into all standing balancing poses.

Cervical Spine in Backbends

Cervical Spine in Backbends

1 min

Camel, Virasana, Warrior One, Wheel pose…we need to have our neck in alignment with our entire spine for this to be a balanced experience.

Sun Salutation Neurotherapy

Sun Salutation for Neurotherapy

3 min

Sun Salutation flow that focuses on the peripheral points of the body for more sensation awareness through to the feet and hands.

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