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Gentle Immune Boost

Gentle Immune Boosting Session

57 min

Move through this session to boost the wellness in your immune system with particular attention to the respiratory tract, the gut and the lymphatic system.  Whether you are feeling ill or staying well this is a powerful wellness practice!

Being Present and Grounded

Being Present While Grounding and Finding Ease

56 min

This is a fairly chill (however, not easy) hour long practice that helps us come into just Being with ourselves and letting that guide us through the flow with Ease.  Class is filled with meditations and many standing poses, lunges, twists and balancing poses.  Enjoy.

Meditation with Jodi Earls

Meditation and Light Movement for Collectively Stressful Times

28 min

Meditation to reconnect to getting resourced, followed by light movement for releasing stress caught in the body, ending with meditation.

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