Meditations with Jodi Earls

 Meditations, Breathwork, and Energy

Practices to bring us to balance and

guide us to our optimal state. 

May my practice serve the whole.


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Conscious Breathing Yoga

Conscious Breathing

7 min

Paying attention fully to our breathing can help us find our ‘center’, where we feel most like ourselves. When we are pulled away from this feeling of truth, taking a conscious breath or two or three or more can take us right back to this space. Then, we are more able to move through whatever comes us from our space of truth, of balance and clarity.

Breath Checkin

Reminder to Check In with the Breath

2 min

90 seconds of Ujjayi breath.

Nadi Shodhana

Nadi Shodhana

3 min

Pranayama of balance. 

Intro to Resourcing Meditation

Introduction to Resourcing Meditation

2 min

This is an intro to the Resourcing to Deep Connection Meditation that is in the following video. After that video is an hour long asana practice moving through this theme.

Resourcing Meditation

Resourcing Meditation

10 min

Meditation that helps us return to our Resourcing, Connection to the infinite flow of Source Energy, time and again.

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