60-Min Yoga Flow with Jodi Earls


 60-Minute Yoga Flows

Practices to give you a full yoga class in the comfort and convenience of your own home…

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May my Practice Serve the Whole.


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Settled and Light Yoga

Settled and Light: Hips and Iliopsoas Freedom

58 min

Moving through the flow of our breathing in a meditation to begin, we feel ourselves in this space between earth and sky, being settled and light. We move through a practice that focuses on the hips, low back and iliopsoas to feel more free while sitting, standing, walking and reclined.

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Moving into More Mind Clarity While Releasing the Body

56 min

Settle the nervous system and create attention on the breath, flow of the body and clarity in the mind. Meditation and mudra to release running thoughts. Move through linear poses and lunges and forward folds as well as wider standing, balance and joint opening poses. Feel more open minded.

Creating Clarity

Creating Clarity and Spaciousness

57 min

Cultivating attention on our awareness to create clarity and spaciousness in the mind.

Grounded Slow Flow

Settling Our System Through a Grounded Slow Flow

53 min

Begin with meditation to calm the nervous system and move through a slow, grounding practice that included lunges, forward folds. pigeon and reclined hip openers.

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