30-Min Yoga Flow with Jodi Earls

 30-Minute Yoga Flows

Complete practices to bring you to your

balanced state in half the time.


May I be happy, healthy, safe and free.


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Meditation Flow to Balance Energies

Balancing for Serenity and Stability

29 min

Begin with chin mudra and the balance it brings to our energies, move into the metta prayer and then flow through the body to serenity and stability.

Neck Tension Release

Neck Tension Release

30 min

We discuss alignment and possible energetic blocks and how to move through them (please inquire if you would like more guidance) and at about 6 minutes in for 20 minutes we move for physical release, followed by meditation for clearing.  If your neck feels contested, I hope this helps.

Gratitude Yoga Practice

Frequency of Gratitude

31 min

Meditation and Vinyasa flow as we tune into the Frequency of Gratitude.

Peace Begins with Me

Peace Begins with Me

31 min

Shorter flow practice following the Peace Begins with Me mudra and meditation.

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