15-Min Yoga Flow with Jodi Earls

 15-Minute Yoga Flows

Choose a practice to help you shift to a more optimal state in just a bit of time.


The Light in me reflects the Light in you.


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Compassion Yoga Flow

Open the Spine, Shoulders, Hips, and Back and Flow with Compassion

16 min

We open with a little practice of Tonglen – bringing in what might be challenging and responding with compassion.  Then, feeling into that compassion in your body move through twists and forward folds, lunges and mild backbends to open up and flow.

Low Back and Leg Release Yoga Practice

Intro to Hips, Low Back and Leg Release Practice

1 min

This is an introduction to the full video ‘Practice to release the hips, lower back and legs and feel settled.’  In this brief introduction, I discuss what this practice is designed for. In this session we use a yoga block.  If you are interested in purchasing a yoga block, I have a link on my wellness page.

Low Back and Leg Release Yoga

Hips, Low Back and Leg Release Practice

35 min

This is a practice that you can use therapeutically when needed or daily to help release tightness in your hips, sacroiliac area of the low back and legs. The results will be that you feel more fluid in your lower body and grounded in your energy. We use a yoga block in this practice. If you are interested in obtaining a yoga block I have some links on https://jodiearls.yoga/yoga-prop-guide/.

Open Low Back Hips Shoulders Neck

Opening the Hips, Low Back, Shoulders, and Neck

19 min

This is a slow-moving practice to release tight hips and a low back that needs to feel more free.  We also emphasize alignment that is healing for our shoulders and neck.  Enjoy!  Wonderful pre and post sports or in general to free the body up and find more flow.

Everyday Practice Intro

Intro to Everyday Style Short Flow Practice

1 min

This is a great ten(ish) minute practice to get your entire body moving and help you feel aligned, stretched and strong. Also more vibrant! This introduction gives a little information on what we will be doing in the next video (see Everyday Style Short Flow Practice full video).  

Everyday Short Yoga Flow

Everyday Style Short Flow Practice

11 min

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