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These three modules will give you an introduction to the yoga practice as taught by me and even offer you contact to share with family and  friends should they want to benefit from the yoga practice.

  • Breathe with Ease – Being completely present and participatory with our breathing for complete calm, clarity and relaxation.
  • Flexibility Increased – An overview of necessary alignment and movement techniques in the yoga practice while moving and effectively creating more flexibility.
  • Nighty Night –  Experience the shift from being active and alert to grounded and settled before moving into slumber.

Breathe with Ease

Conscious Breathing Easeful Breath Exercise

Yoga Movement for Breathing with Ease

doTERRA Essential Oils for Breathing

Flexibility Increased

Increase Your Flexibility

doTERRA Essential oils for Increased Flexibility

Nighty Night


Breathwork for Rest

doTERRA oils for Sleep

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Get started with 3 FREE online yoga practices!

Enjoy this introduction to the yoga practice as taught by me with three FREE online sessions on breath, flexibility, and rest.