Jodi introduced me to yoga more than ten years ago and I will always be very grateful for her patience and passion that got me “hooked” on the yogic way of life. Jodi is full of wisdom and dedication to her daily practice and to that of her students. It is her gentle support and unwavering confidence that has given me the strength to continue developing my yoga practice.
Pavi Micheli Lawson

Enlivening, skillful and genuine both on and off the mat.
Andrea Pecota White

I enjoy Jodi’s yoga classes so much.  She makes it really fun and I learn something new every time. She is so good at giving clear instructions that I always feel safe trying new things.
Linda Rose

I recently planned a bachelorette party for 11 girls who needed a way to wind down after a weekend of “wining out.” Jodi led us in a yoga session followed by a meditation and energy clearing and it was amazing! Jodi perfectly tailored both the yoga practice and energy clearing to our group of mixed beginners and veterans. The entire session was relaxing, mind opening and exactly what we needed for a ‘Self-Improvement Sunday.’
Megan Dunne

I had been suffering for over 10 years of chronic back pain and tried everything short of surgery, which I was told to be my only option, for real relief. Immediately after starting Jodi’s class, my mid-spine pain levels have subsided considerably. I have been taking classes from Jodi for over a decade now. I have learned how to breathe and stretch properly while strengthening the areas around my injury without causing more pain to myself. I have felt the additional benefits of stress reduction using Jodi’s teachings of yoga and mediation. Jodi’s yoga classes are uplifting, spiritual and soulful, often infused with humor that’s refreshing and REAL. It’s been a true gift of health and happiness for my life and I would strongly recommend it to anyone seeking pain relief, stress relief or just a quality yoga class with a powerful human connection.

Mimi Martin

I met Jodi 10 years ago and have been practicing with her in various locations since then. When I met Jodi I had been practicing Ashtanga yoga for 10 years or so and was looking for something different. Jodi’s style has offered me an opportunity to accept my body where it is. She helped me find correct alignment in my asanas. She has helped me to realize that yoga isn’t just doing the asana but finding a connection to a greater source while practicing. And that practicing may be in your home, car or grocery store…. it doesn’t have to be on the mat. Jodi brings a tremendous amount of yoga knowledge, athleticism, spirituality, joy and love to her classes. She is a blessing to me and our entire community.
Wendy Yorgensen

I highly recommend attending Jodi Earl’s yoga classes!  She embodies the soulful spirit and strength of an exceptional yoga instructor.  She takes you through a series of yoga moves and as a novice, they are a form of stretches that strengthen my muscles from head to toe. After attending one of her classes, I feel so good – it is equivalent to having a deep tissue massage. It feels so amazing to work through these exercises and as a result, you feel lighter, stronger and more centered. I also adore Jodi and love her uplifting joyful spirit. She is an epitome of a strong woman. And I am grateful to have experienced her classes.
KC Garrett

Jodi is an amazing teacher! She teaches with humor, grace and puts her students at ease. As a beginner, I was instantly comfortable with her instruction and now after taking classes for years, I still feel appropriately challenged! Her classes are the perfect balance of meditation, grounding, playfulness and beautiful direction about correct form. I would highly recommend her to beginners are well as dedicated yogis!
Briana Forgie

Jodi’s class is a must; it’s my refresh button for focus and strength through the week.
Brandy Leonards

I have been practicing yoga with Jodi for over 11 years and continue to love her classes. She brings a great balance of fun and skill to her teaching, all while really focusing on the individual needs of her students. Whether an experienced yogi or someone just beginning, I highly recommend Jodi as a teacher. You will leave her classes feeling refreshed and renewed both physically and mentally.
Heather Dahline

I felt like a sack of potatoes. Then I did Jodi’s class and now I feel amazing.
Marissa Nokes

Jodi’s yoga class is good for your body, mind and soul. I always feel physically stronger and more flexible after her classes. But the real benefit is beyond that – Jodi creates a positive energy that resonates throughout the room leaving you with a feeling of bliss all day and more grounded in life. It’s wonderful and everyone should try a class.
Anna Marie Longo

Jodi’s cheerfully thoughtful, strong flow make me melt into a taller, more knit together soul. For the best happy hour in Saint Helena, come to her class and experience awakening, a sense of love and community, and enjoyment that stretches to heaven.
Juliete Vonturi

Jodi’s warmth, humor, and humility make for an uplifting class environment. Her classes are welcoming to all levels of yoga practice, with individual attention for each practitioner.  Jodi embodies the true yogini with her warmth and humility, while expertly guiding her classes.
Kara Dunn

We have been attending Jodi’s yoga classes for nearly 10 years. Jodi’s classes are  filled with her expertise, her kindness and her enthusiasm. She helps each person with their practice, always considering each student’s personal goals and ability.
Sue and Tom Turner

Jodi does more than perfect your Warrior pose. Her well-trained eyes detect imbalances and postural needs; she then determines techniques to build strength and stamina from the ground up, accompanied by humor. Knowledgable, spiritual, funny.”
Susan Davis

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