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Divine Relaxation

Luminous Practice #2

Luminous Practice #3

Complimentary video: The foundational fundamentals of yoga poses

How to balance your alignment and power of engagement with the freedom of stretch and movement in your body in yoga poses done properly.

I am new to Yoga and started by using Jodi’s online classes. Her tutorials are clear and easy to follow – the perfect way for beginners to learn the basics. Unlike a live class, the online sessions allowed me to stop, correct, start and repeat – a great way to master each pose. I look forward to trying some fo the more advanced online sessions! Thanks, Jodi!

Laura Barrett

Yoga has been a part of my life for the past 18 years, and I am fortunate to have Jodi as my in-person inspiration and guide. Her online classes are appropriate for both beginners and the more advanced practitioner, with many options for time and level considerations. Her teaching style is encouraging and humble. I enjoy the flexibility that the online classes offer, and have been able to increase my yoga practice with this convenience. Namaste, Jodi!”

Kara Dunn

Complimentary Videos:

Flow Sessions – Intermediate

New Perspective Flow (41 min)

Mellow Flow (52 min)

Strong Alignment Flow (14 min)

Conscious Breath Balance Flow (10 min)

Balancing Practice (40 min)

Integrated Flow (41 min)

Basics – Beginner

Basics Flow (36 min)

Basics Yoga Flow (27 min)

Sun Salutation (2 min)


Foundation Fundamentals (8 min)

Sun Salutation Basics (7 min)

Standing Pose Basics (6 min)

Splits – Hanumanasana Tutorial (6 min)

Meditation Preparation and Props (3 min)


Low Back Release (5 min)

Props needed: 1 yoga block


Conscious Breathing Meditation (8 min)

Peace Begins with Me Meditation (2 min)

Cord Cutting Meditation (7 min)

Releasing Fear Meditation (8 min)

Coming Back to Balance Meditation (6 min)

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