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Hi, I’m Jodi Earls.

I want you to feel radiant, full of light and purpose, and in your heart. And perhaps we can do this together.

I discovered yoga about 30 years ago and loved how it connected me to my truest self so much that I completely shifted to delve into the practice daily. After five years of deep-dive full-time study, I became certified as Anusara Yoga Instructor #173 worldwide.

I have been doing this for awhile now, and yet it’s still so new to me! Dedicated students make the best teachers and it’s from this humble space of being the student who is practicing just like you that I love to share these deep practices in a light, clear, and sometimes humorous  way (because we can all relate to that which hooks us).

You are not alone in this desire to be free, and if it feels that your outer circumstances like your body, your relationships, your work, you home, etc. are keeping you from being in your healthiest, wisest space of all-knowing powerful Grace, I am here to help guide you gently toward those areas, digest them (we have amazing tools), release energy and thoughts that are not serving (including fear) and step in brilliantly with your Highest Self as your guide.

When we align with Truth, we are aligning with God, Love, Light, the Divine. There is a beautiful, exciting, alluring guidance that helps us step more expansively into our Purpose, our Dharma.  And when we do this, the Universe opens up for us.

For our lives and all those who we serve – May our Practice Serve the Whole.

Namaste, the Light, Love and Pure Potential in Me sees that in You.

Let’s do this together.

Jodi, You are such a light in the world. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Katie Roberts


Yoga Connection Jodi Earls

Take a deep dive into the second (or third) act of your life and be even brighter and in full alignment with your highest state. Feel healthy in your body and be receiving guidance from your highest self (aka Divide Guidance/God/ the Universe) while being resourced and feeling energized.


doTERRA essential oils

doTERRA essential oils are another passion I have with this practice. Oh, how I love my oils. And specifically these oils, as they are so very pure. Bringing this high-quality plant medicine into your home supports your wellness, and also supports growers and producers around the world in a sustainable way.


Jodi Earls Yoga Videos

Yoga videos are a wonderful way to self-direct yourself in your yoga practice with my loving and (for many students) familiar guidance. Choose from my selection of free videos or join for a small monthly fee and have access to hundreds of options.


Live group and individual yoga classes are currently online, and are a great way to connect with yourself personally with other yogis getting their OM at HOME. Soon enough, we’ll go in-person again and yet, I will always have this online option as it’s so convenient for some and gets rave reviews.

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