This is for you if you LOVE THE FEELING that YOGA gives you.  You love it.  And you would like to live in that state, that amazing ‘post-yoga class feeling’, more in every aspect of your life, most of the time.

It is also for you if you just KNOW that YOGA would be GOOD for YOU.  You just know it.

It is also for you if you have been struggling with self-help methods here and there for temporary relief that has you always seeking out support to reestablish that good feeling.

It is not for you if you want to lean into the story of why your particular situation is just the thing that needs to be solved BEFORE you can be FREE.  I am here to say that I test piloted that for years and it’s not accurate.  As Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Be the Change that you wish to see in the (your) World’.

It works on a small and large scale and in fact, needs to work on the small scale before it expands.

Let’s connect and see if this is a fit.  I would love to help you find that Peaceful, Powerful, Grace-filled Yogic place for you to return to easily time and time again so that you can THRIVE.  Forever.

Each month you receive:

  • 2 Private Yoga Sessions in person or via zoom ($720 value)
  • 2 Phone Consultations ($600)
  • Personal Assessment and adjustment of Your Practice on the mat and off the mat ($450)
  • Personalized Video for home practice for your needs ($600)
  • Additional expert guidance as needed; meditation, journaling, breath work, asana, emotional freedom technique, energy healing, essential oil guidance, practice planning (priceless)
  • Class study guide

Total value $2,370 + extra bonus healing work

Course Fees: 

  • 1x payment of $1,195
  • OR, Monthly 3x payments of $450
  • Additional Private Sessions available for $80 per
  • 30% discount on other classes from me while you study

Module One – Foundation & Flow:

  • Assessment of State of Being and Design of a More Optimal State
  • Alignment and Functional Movement
  • Setting up a Space for Practice and Creating a Plan
  • Healing of ongoing and acute trauma
  • Meditation based on Loving Kindness
  • Earthy/Grounded, Watery/Flowing

Module Two – Power & Heart:

  • Radical acceptance in our relationship with yourself and others
  • Core and Backbend/Heart Opening Asana Poses and Anatomy Session on doing these safely and effectively
  • Meditation on honoring our shadow side and going in to expand with our Yogic Power of Grace (Tonglen)
  • Fire/Confident, Air/Loving

Module Three – Truth & Clarity: 

  • Assessing your natural state now and moving ahead with a plan of clearly staying connected with your Truth
  • Neck, Shoulder & Low Back relief
  • Ether/Sound, Light/Energy