Hi, I’m Jodi and I am a student of yoga.  Every day in every way.

One thing that I really enjoy as a Yoga Instructor, is helping students clearly understand the basic alignment principles of the yoga practice.  Initially, that is generally the physical principles; the feeling of having comfort and confidence within the yoga postures and feeling more fluidity and strength in the body.  Then the deeper layers of alignment occur and a sense of lightness and connectedness is felt, resulting in a much more balanced state in which to live.  Taken even more deeply, we feel more guided on our unique path of purpose.  All that from beginning a practice on our yoga mat.

If you are drawn to this practice then there is something big in it for you.  Allow me to help you get there and then delve in more deeply.

The yoga is so essential to me being able to get back to center, my place of calm and feeling ‘at home,’ that about 16 years ago I changed careers to study and teach yoga full time.  That may not sound like a huge leap; but for me, leaving my ‘should’ job (and salary) to begin to explore an entirely different way of seeing the world was huge.  I am the ideal student because I get out of alignment with my best state every single day.  There is a useful empowerment in knowing that we have tools to bring us back into our optimal state and I love to share that.

I am thankful to have had the blessed opportunity to study with and continue to learn from incredibly gifted and world renowned teachers.  John Friend was my primary teacher for over a decade and I humbly received my Anusara certification in 2006, after five years of intensive study (#183 certified world-wide Anusara instructor), a true honor and still the foundation of my teachings.  Additional teachers have and still include Desiree Rambaugh and Sianna Sherman as well as current on-line teachers Elena Brower, Gabby Bernstein and Hari Kaur Khalsa.  I am also delighted to be the teacher to many beloved students; please read what some of them have to share about me on the Praise page.

The practice of yoga is the art of utilizing the techniques learned to bring us back to being in a clear state of being.  The more we live in this space of expansive and brilliant space, the more it will be recognized as our center, or who we really are in our highest state of awareness.  Life’s challenges can be recognized as opportunities to become more steadfast in our connection to this truth and our ease of return to our graceful nature is refined.  Then, when we notice the absence of the grace and ease, the act of simply stopping and taking a slow deep breath and applying the yogic methods can truly bring us right back to our clarified center.

With supreme gratitude for this practice and to you for practicing via jodiearls.yoga.

Jodi introduced me to yoga about fifteen years ago and I will always be very grateful for her patience and passion that got me “hooked” on the yogic way of life. Jodi is full of wisdom and dedication to her daily practice and to that of her students. It is her gentle support and unwavering confidence that has given me the strength to continue developing my yoga practice.

Pavi Micheli Lawson

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In-Person Sessions with me

I highly recommend attending Jodi Earl’s yoga classes!  She embodies the soulful spirit and strength of an exceptional yoga instructor.  She takes you through a series of yoga moves and as a novice, they are a form of stretches that strengthen my muscles from head to toe. After attending one of her classes, I feel so good – it is equivalent to having a deep tissue massage. It feels so amazing to work through these exercises and as a result, you feel lighter, stronger and more centered. I also adore Jodi and love her uplifting joyful spirit. She is an epitome of a strong woman. And I am grateful to have experienced her classes.

KC Garrett

Jodi’s yoga class is good for your body, mind and soul. I always feel physically stronger and more flexible after her classes. But the real benefit is beyond that – Jodi creates a positive energy that resonates throughout the practice, leaving you with a feeling of bliss all day and more grounded in life. It’s wonderful and everyone should try a class.

Anna Marie Longo

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